San Leon MUD Contracted Fire Services

Eldon Scott Lyons, former assistant fire chief of the San Leon Volunteer Fire Department, was indicted Thursday, May 19, 2016, on a charge of theft by a public servant, a felony offense.  Jennifer Reynolds/The Daily News file photo

Per Sec. 49.212. of the Texas Water Code:   (a)  A district may adopt and enforce all necessary charges, mandatory fees, or rentals, in addition to taxes, for providing or making available any district facility or service, including fire-fighting activities provided under Section 49.351. Our San Leon MUD has a contract dated March 22, 2011 with our San Leon VFD to provide fire services. Via this agreement our MUD bills the San Leon water customers over $256,000.00/year on behalf of the VFD which is passed onto the San Leon VFD with monthly payments being over $20,000/mo..

Our San Leon VFD volunteers are some exceptional individuals who perform an often thankless job, at all hours of the day/night, at their own personal risk for the citizens in San Leon and surrounding Bayshore area. Indeed we are all very thankful for them & their tireless efforts.

The Public relies on the fearless volunteers of our San Leon VFD service for lifesaving services.

The pending embezzlement trial of former Assistant Chief Scotty Lyons involving $100k-$200k (as of March 2019) gives reason to question if adequate checks/balances have been put in place by fiduciary San Leon MUD to prevent any future losses of monies entrusted to it by the Public.

1) What provisions have been put in place at our MUD since May 2016 to prevent future misappropriation of funds?
2) How much was allegedly embezzled and what actions are being taken to recover our funds?

March 11, 2011 Contract SLMUD-SLVFD   Seabreeze

Indictment PDF

Scotty Lyons, 2013 Everyday Hero