Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-How do I ask a question regarding "Extra Help". Answer- For questions regarding the "Extra Help" program, please go to public FaceBook group: Medicare "Extra Help" in Texas .

Q - Where do I get information on the Galveston County Regulations, Elections & Bonds? Answer - Good source of info is the Galveston County Daily News.  
FaceBook groups: Bacliff/San Leon Buzz & San Leon Residents have some info.

Q - Does San Leon flood? Answer- San Leon is VERY prone to flooding from high tides. NOAA Tidal Flood Tool. and FEMA Maps. The most requent place in the entire United States for High Tide Flooding is San Leon, NOAA 2020 Rpt.

Getting accurate and truthful information from some elected officials has proven to be difficult. Our San Leon MUD is a perfect example, their proclaimed "Transparency" program actually more akin to "Fake Transparency".
It is recommended that one read/study the actual text of the Regulations, Elections & Bonds to fully understand everything.

“Knowledge is a weapon. San Leon taxpayers should be formidably armed.”