Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-How do I ask a question regarding "Extra Help". Answer- For questions regarding the "Extra Help" program, please go to public FaceBook group: Medicare "Extra Help" in Texas .

Q - Where do I get information on the Galveston County Regulations, Elections & Bonds? Answer - Good source of info is the Galveston County Daily News.  
FaceBook groups: Talk of Bacliff/SanLeon , New Talk of Bacliff/SanLeon & San Leon Residents have some info.

Getting accurate and truthful information from some elected officials has proven to be difficult. The San Leon MUD is a perfect example, their proclaimed "Transparency" program actually more akin to "Fake Transparency".
It is recommended that one read/study the actual text of the Regulations, Elections & Bonds to fully understand everything.

“Knowledge is a weapon. San Leon residents should be formidably armed.”