San Leon MUD (WCID) Archives

San Leon Bond Debt Repayment Schedules (series 2012, 2013, 2017) Debt Payments paid via Property Taxes
San Leon MUD Detailed Asset List (dtd March 2018) SL MUD Assets
Moody's Credit Rating for San Leon MUD (dtd Feb-2019) MUD Credit Rating

Year 2018 - May-2018 Reg Mtg Agenda

Jan-2019 - Reg Mtg Minutes
Feb-2019 - Reg Mtg Agenda , Mtg Minutes, Off Mgr Rpt, Dist Mgr Rpt, Eng Rpt, Field Supt Rpt
Mar-2019 - SeaBreeze, Reg Mtg Agenda , Office Mgr Rpt , Meeting Minutes
Apr-2019 - Reg Mtg Agenda, Office Mgr Report, District Mgr Report, Meeting Minutes
May-2019 - Reg Mtg Agenda , Office Mgr Rpt, District Mgr Rpt, OFFICE MGR RPT (Big $ LOSS!), Minutes
Jun-2019 - End Fiscal Yr   Reg Mtg Agenda , Off Mgr Report (MO $LOSS), District Mgr Rpt, Engr Rpt, Ops Rpt,
                  NEW Atty & CPA, NEW BOND DEBT, San Leon Taxable Property , Meeting Minutes
Jul-2019 - Mtg Agenda, Eng Report , Operations Report , Dist Mgr Report, Office Mgr Report , Minutes
Aug-2019 - Mtg Agenda , Eng Report, Operations Report, Dist Mgr Report, Office Mgr Report, TAX INCREASE Calcs , Aug 2019 Meeting Minutes
Sep-2019 -, Agenda, Jun 2019 AUDITED Financials, Off Mgr Rpt, Ops Report, Dist Mgr Report , Minutes
Oct-2019 - Agenda , Operations Report, Office Mgr Report , Minutes
Nov-2019 - Agenda, Operations Report, Office Mgr Report
Dec-2019 - Board Mtg Cancelled
JAN-2020 - Agenda        January 2020 Board Packet (Combined, LARGE) ELECTION          YouTube
Feb-2020 - Agenda     February 2020 Meeting Package       YouTube       YouTube FULL
Mar-2020 - March Pre Board Meeting Packet      Audio Recording>  YouTube
Apr-2020 - Phone Meeting. Agenda    Pre-Meeting Packet  AMENDED_Pre-Meeting Packet   Meeting Recording 1   Meeting Recording 2
May-2020 - Pre-Mtg Packet   Reg Mtg Audio Recording_m4a file    Spec Mtr Notice    Special Mtg Video
Jun-2020 - AGENDA    Pre-Meeting Packet   Video 1of3  2of3  3of3
Jul-2020 - Water Quality Report Board Mtg upcoming Wednesday July 15th @ 6:30PM! Gonna be interesting!
Aug-2020 - Board Mtg upcoming
Sep-2020 - Board Mtg upcoming
Oct-2020 - San Leon MUD Board Candidate DEBATE and Early ELECTION!
Nov-2020 - San Leon MUD Board ELECTION Tuesday November 3rd!

San Leon MUD is organized as a WCID, not a Texas MUD (p 7). San Leon MUD Creation Document
Statutory Regulations of WCID's (incl San Leon MUD) Link to Chapter 51 of Texas Water Code