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#10 Property owners pushback / file suit in Texas City Feb-9-2019, Galv Daily News

#11 Actual FEMA Requirements vs Galv. Co. Regs dated May-10-2016. PDF

#12 HUGE Public Forum turnout on Feb-13th. Announcement Galv Co Daily News Photos

#13 FEMA disagrees with Galveston Co. Officials' Decision - Galveston Co. Daily News

#14 Notes from Feb-20th San Leon MUD Public Meeting - Notes - Financials - May 2018 Election

#15 County's Strict RV Regulations Pulled into Slow Lane, Mar-11-2019 - Galv Co. Daily News

More information pending and will be posted soon! It is about YOUR Civil and Constitutional Rights and YOUR Property Rights in unincorporated Galveston County. Discrimination, Prejudice & Selective Enforcement have no place in American society.