Medicare "Extra Help" & Texas Health and Human Services "Savings Program" :

 Medicare offers a little known program called “Extra Help” which can provide an extra $300-$400 per month for qualified retirees. Many once hardworking folks in the Bayshore area, now retired and living on Social Security, find themselves short of money every month to pay for essential living expenses including monthly premiums and their prescription medications.

 Qualifications – Must have LIMITED monthly income and possess MINIMUM assets. In general terms, you should be below:

Income - $1550/ month income for a single person ($2,100 for a couple) Liquid Assets - $14,100 for a single person ($28,150 for a couple) Be currently paying (or considering obtaining) Part “B” and/or Part “D” NOT for folks on Medicaid, Social Security Disability, on the Medicare Savings Program (MSP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or receiving their medical thru the VA. Other restrictions may apply to your individual situation.

Workshop held Feb-9-2019 at San Leon VFD. If you missed the Workshop, docs posted below. More information at: Medicare "Extra Help" in Texas.

If you missed the Workshop, please find relevant docs attached below:
1_Medicare "Extra Help" Application H1200 (23 pages, but easy to complete)
2_Texas vs Federal Medicare Assistance Program
3_Extra Help year 2018 Flyer
4_Understanding Extra-Help ver 2018 (18 pages)
5_Study on "Extra Help"_Citizens NOT Receiving (33 pages, academic)

Medicare Part D Insurance may on occasion fail to provide certain drug coverage, in that event GoodRx can be a lot of help.