The San Leon Municipal Utility District (WCID) is proposing to saddle taxpayers with additional Debt via a Public Election that was held May 4th, 2019. According to our quasi-self-elected Public Officials, our MUD was losing more than $89,000/month on its operations as of the November 2018 public meeting. New Bonds will raise Bond Debt by $39,840,000.00 to $56,370,000.00.. That Public Debt to be paid for by Property Owners/Tenants in the form of the highest property tax rate in the Bayshore area ($0.63 per $100) and the highest water rate in the Bayshore area. On top of that, recent Galveston CAD valuations of San Leon area properties has DOUBLED.

#1 - San Leon MUD, Responsible Persons - PDF       #2 - June 2018 Annual Financial Report - PDF

#3 - San Leon MUD Public Meeting Feb-20-2019 - Notes - Monthly Financials

#4 - San Leon MUD "failed to hold" Officers Elections - 2016 and 2018   EaglePointExpress

#5 - Texas Water Districts - Basics - Advanced - Web1 - Web2     WCID statutory Bylaws

#6 - NO info fr MUD as of Mar-15-2019, while we wait here is our current Bond Debt situation - Current Bond Debt
         Four (4) Years of Deficiencies (LOSSES) at the San Leon MUD.... Financial non-Performance

#7 - March 16th Release of Bond Resolution, signed by Pres Manchaca on Feb-12th   Bond Resolution
        Detailed Engineering Report requested but NOT provided.... Engineering Report effort

#8 - Bond info mailout from San Leon MUD, little financial information, but it is a start... Mailer

#9 - Texas Public Information Act Request submitted to MUD 3-20-2019. TPIA Request

#10 - If the 2019 SL Bond Debt passes, our MUD will have HIGHEST MUD tax rate of comparable MUD's in Galveston County - MUD Tax Comparison

Many thanks to everyone for your ideas & input. May 4, 2019 Bond Election Results. Pending San Leon Detention Facility. Stay tuned, more to follow!