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These Documents/Info can be used for reference to assist in understanding the Galveston County Floodplain Regulation Controversy & harassing RV Regulation. Knowledge can be a weapon, it is time for all Citizens to be formidably armed.

#0 - In November 2018, elected Public Servants @ San Leon MUD (WCID) began enforcing the RV section of the Galveston County Floodplain Regulations dated May-15-2016. Letter

#1 - Onerous Galveston County Floodplain Regulations placed into effect May-15-2016. PDF (page 15)

#2 - Onerous Regulations dtd May-15 contained errors and omissions. Commissioners Court attempted to pass even more restrictive Regulations dated Jan-28-2019, at Commissioners Court, Monday 1-28-19, 9AM . PDF  Many adversly affected persons turned out to protest their passage at Galv Co Court..

#3 - FEMA Floodplain Regulations 60.3, the FEMA regulations which certain Elected Public Servants allege they had to follow in drafting both Galv Co Floodplain Regs . PDF (see page 6)

#4 - Comparison of FEMA requirements vs San Leon MUD Complaint Letter. JPG

#5 - Eagle Point Press notice of Commissioners Court Vote, dtd Jan-23-2019. PDF

#6 - Galveston County Daily News, Front Page News, Jan-29-2019, PDF

#7 - Galveston County Daily News, Editorial, Jan-29-2019. PDF

#8 -The Seabreeze Tabloid, Editorial by Steve Hoyland, Feb-7-2019, JPG

#9 - Precinct 1 Galveston County Commissioner Darrell Apffel - web    (continued Page 2)

Footnote #1 - Should you, anyone you know, your family or your business have been adversely impacted in any way by the above referenced "Regulations" please email your name, address, contact information and summary to .
Footnote #2 - Should you have any information that you would like to share regarding the "Regulations" or any related parties thereof, please email to .